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Text Messaging For Business

9 out of 10 people would rather ‘Text’ a business than call or email it. When you consider the benefits it’s pretty easy to understand why. Whether it’s ordering drinks at a busy bar, asking for extra set of towels at a hotel, picking up a car from the valet parking or reserve a haircut at a hair salon, texting is the simplest, fastest, and the most effective way to obtain services.

We can activate the text channel of any local or toll free business telephone number in a matter of minutes. Once activated, texts to your business landline are received and displayed in a web portal equipped with modern messaging capabilities, text marketing campaigns, sales order generation, lead management, Facebook messenger integration, intelligent chatbots, online reviews, analytical tools and much more.

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Discover how texting can increase your productivity and enhance your communications.


Reach almost anyone in real-time

With over 90 percent read rate, you can reach almost everyone and grab their attention in real-time

Two-way texting over business landline

Use your own business telephone number to send and receive text messages. This feature can be integrated to your telephone system

Targeted personalized advertising

Automated text messaging campaigns to deliver important announcements or market products and services

Intelligent Chatbots

Trainable cahtbots can engage customers in real-time conversations to provide information, handle customer service issues and sell products and services

Sell Products and services

Using sales and marketing tools and the power of chatbots, you can sell products and services over text and messenger conversations with no human intervention

Gather more online reviews

Send review links via text and messenger and track online reviews all in one portal.


With over 90 percent read rate, texting is the most efficient method of contact to reach anyone in real-time and strike a conversation to provide marketing information, make announcements, send reminders and even sell products and services.

Text Compaigns
Two Way Texting
Automatic Responses
Multi User
Message Archiving
Sentiment Monitor
Complex Contact lists
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