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One of the interesting use cases of text messaging for business is to send appointment reminder messages via text. Using our service, the reminder text messages will be sent from your business telephone number.
Recipients can easily respond to the message to confirm the appointment or call your business number from the received text to talk to your staff for any reason.
Using the intelligent chatbot feature, it’s even possible to train the system to provide further information to the recipient in a conversation format. For example, the system can be trained to converse with the recipient and changed the appointment to a different date, provide office address and directions, etc.

How It Works?

After creating a bridge between your scheduling software and our texting platform, updated appointment information will be sent to us frequently.
Our reminder system will then send appointment reminder text messages, based on the received appointment data, from your business telephone number.


Reduce no shows and cancellations

Reminder calls and text messages have been proven to be very effective to reduce no-shows

Reduce expenses

Automated Reminder Calls and Text Messages are much less expensive than a staff member making reminder calls

Two way communications

Since the calls/messages are sent from your business telephone number, recipients can easily respond to the message or call back

Automatic data feed and meta data

Personalized messages are automatically sent and responses are automatically obtained and recorded with no human intervention.

Intelligent follow up messages

Using the trainable chatbot feature, the system can automatically handle follow up requests such as appointment changes, providing directions, etc

Real-time reporting

Detailed call/text reporting is available in our web portal few minutes after the reminder campaign is sent.

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