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Click To Text Buttons

Wouldn't it be nice to convert anonymous website visitors to identifiable leads?
People like simple ways to receive information. Click to text buttons are super easy tools for interested visitors to reveal their interest by obtaining more information about your services via text.
Using intelligent chatbot feature the lead is engaged in a conversation that resulting in more information from the user, setting up an appointment or even a purchase from your website.

Click to text buttons can be regarded as mini call to actions as they are not overwhelming or intimidating to the website visitors who are interested in what they see on your website.


Converts Website Visitors To Leads

Click-to-text button entices anonymous website visitors to reveal their interest and phone number converting them to identifiable leads

Engages Website Visitors In Conversations

Trained chatbots can engage website visitors in conversations that might result in product or service purchases

Time Base Text Responses

Click to text buttons can deliver different text messages to the website vistors according to a time schedule

Easy To Deploy

Click to text buttons can easily be placed on a website home page, contact us page using a simple html code block

John hits the click to text button to receive the menu via text. Along with sending the menu, a chatbot engages John in a conversation and sells him a dozen cupcakes by just texting back and forth.

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