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Zach and Andrew are taking their wives out to dinner.  Zach’s ‘go-to’ option doesn’t use Open Table for reservations, so Zach calls the restaurant, directly, and is put on hold. Meanwhile, the wives have a new place they’d like to try, so Andrew texts it directly to reserve an outdoor spot overlooking the fountain.Table for 4.  8:00pm.  Overlooking the Fountain.  Done. ?

  •  Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could make their restaurant, golf, tennis—or any other reservations—via text?  They could review available dates & times, make their reservations, and get a confirmation right within their 2-way text-messaging interaction.
  • Text Aspect makes this all possible—including taking deposits, if needed—and will make the whole reservation process quicker & easier…for both you and for your customers.

At a click of a button you can engage LEO, our Intelligent chat-bot who can conduct natural conversation with your customers to answer their texts and help them with various inquiries. Leo can be trained just like a loyal employee and says and does what you teach him. See how LEO can help your guest make a reservation for a table by contacting your business number via text.