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Zach and Andrew are in an important meeting at work.  Zach gets an urgent text from his girlfriend saying that a pipe has burst in their townhouse…and that there’s water spraying everywhere!  He texts her back asking her to call a plumber.  She replies that she has to be somewhere, and that it’s his job to find a plumber.  Zach doesn’t know what to do.  He has water all over his townhouse, his girlfriend is upset, and he’ll raise eyebrows if he leaves the meeting to make a call.  He whispers his crisis to Andrew…who confidently whispers back that his plumber accepts text messages.  Problem solved. ?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could reply—via text—to your service rep’s (plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc.) requests for access, answers, and approvals…so your employees aren’t wasting valuable time out on a job?
  • Text Aspect allows your customers to reply directly—via text—to your service reps…even while they’re at work, in meetings, or out of town.  Believe me, your customers will really appreciate what a helpful new service you’re providing them with.

At a click of a button you can engage Leo, our Intelligent chat-bot who can conduct natural conversation with your customers to answer their texts and help them with various inquiries. Leo can be trained just like a loyal employee and says and does what you teach him. See how Leo can help your customer make an appointment for a repair visit even after hours!