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Zach and Andrew are attending a conference out of town.  It’s late, and the airport shuttle bus is dropping them off at different hotels.  Zach checks-in, gets his key-card, and takes the elevator up to his room…only to find that his key-card doesn’t work.  So he trudges all the way back down to the front desk—luggage in tow—to get it resolved.

  •  Wouldn’t it be great if your hotel guests could simply text the Front Desk with their requests, questions, or complaints?  In this way, they wouldn’t have to call, be put on hold, or have any language issues.
  • Text Aspect allows your guests to text your Front Desk directly…and your designated staffer would get an instant notification that a customer text has come in; and could then both take immediate action on the request, while also having an automated reply get texted back to your guest.  Trust me…they’ll love this new service!

At a click of a button you can engage LEO, our Intelligent chat-bot who can conduct natural conversation with your customers to answer their texts and help them with various inquiries. Leo can be trained just like a loyal employee and says and does what you teach him. See how LEO can help your guest request fresh towels to their hotel room.